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King's Refuge cocktail recipe

Refuge recipes: King’s Refuge

Manchester is about to come into full bloom, as the city prepares to host its first public event of 2021, The Manchester Flower Show. We thought we’d get in on the act with a cocktail, and our team chose the King’s Refuge.

As sustainability’s the key word on everyone’s lips, we thought it was time for a bit of ‘grow your own’ action. With gardens typically adorned by flowers and plants, there’s something to be said for planting something you can cook with: herbs! So plant yourself an edible garden – then you can supply your very own garnish of super fresh rosemary (and maybe some ginger from last night’s curry) to our King’s Refuge cocktail.

King’s Refuge recipe

Makes one

You’ll need: a Boston shaker, a Hawthorne strainer, a fine strainer, a highball glass


35ml Jameson’s Irish whiskey
15ml The King’s Ginger liqueur
20ml lemon juice
Rosemary sprig
Ginger ale
Garnish: rosemary sprig, fresh ginger slice


1. Fill a highball class with cubed ice.
2. Add cubed ice to a Boston shaker, along with all the ingredients, except the ginger ale. Shake until the tin frosts over.
3. Attach the Hawthorne strainer to the tin side of the shaker and pour through the fine strainer into the glass.
4. Top with ginger ale and garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a slice of fresh ginger.