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Meet the Team: Sebastian Janusinski

To kick off our meet the team series, we sat down for a chat with team member Sebastian Janusinski.

Tell us a little about yourself
Sure, my name is Sebastian, I was born and raised in Poland. I’m well-travelled too: I’ve lived in Darlington and York before finally moving to Manchester. Last year I graduated in psychology – totally unrelated to hospitality but my interest in people remains!

Let us know about your role
I’m a member of the Refuge team – you’ll find me in the restaurant most of the time serving our amazing food to our amazing guests, but I also get to jump behind the bar every so often (which I love).

I’ve been working for Kimpton Clocktower for two months – but fun fact, this isn’t my first time working for IHG, I use to work at Principal York.

What’s favourite thing about your working in The Refuge?
With my job I meet so many new people – I love it! No two guests are the same so you hear so many different stories and the things you learn from them are pretty amazing. As well as that, eating and drinking can be a very intimate activity for some, so I get to connect with people on a deeper level by making their experience unique.

The Refuge is such a fun environment to be a part of – people always seem so happy to meet you! The hospitality sector is all about enjoying yourself – people come to the restaurant and the bar with huge smiles on their faces excited to experience some great food and drink and make some memories.

Let’s talk food…
Yes, let’s! The Refuge menu is full of gems, my favourite has to be the chargrilled cauliflower – I love it because it may seem simple, but our chefs have made cauliflower exciting and incredibly delicious. Let’s not forget the drinks menu, the Day One Martini is my winner – it’s topped with Prosecco sorbet and so delicious I could eat it with a spoon all day long.

When I’m out with my friends my go-to dish is pasta – I’m all about the carbs!

I have a bit of a food bucket list and the place top of the list is Germany, Berlin in particular – it’s often called the vegan capital of Europe. The veggie options there are endless, so I’d be spoiled for choice.


Be sure to say a big hello to Sebastian when you drop in for dinner!